COLLES vs SMITH vs CHAUFFEUR vs BARTON Fracture , very high yield NEETPG Image based MCQ


COLLES FRACTURE: An eponym originally describing extraarticular fractures of the distal radius. More commonly used today as a lay term for any dorsally angu- lated distal radius fracture.

SMITH FRACTURE: An eponym for volarly angulated distal radius fractures, most commonly incurred after a fall or blow to the dorsum of the wrist. This is some- times referred to as a reverse Colles fracture.

CHAUFFEUR FRACTURE: An avulsion fracture of the radial styloid, histori- cally as the result from hand-cranked automobiles in which engine backfire forced the crank back into the chauffeur’s hand. Also known as a “backfire” or Hutchinson fracture. Today these result from falls onto outstretched hands, with axial compres- sive force driving the scaphoid into the radial styloid as the wrist is both ulnarly deviated and dorsiflexed.

BARTON FRACTURE: A shear fracture of the volar or dorsal lip of the distal radius, resulting in dislocation or subluxation of the wrist, most commonly in the volar direction.


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